Outsourced CFO services

Many businesses struggle to improve due to the daily stresses of performing their service. By hiring an outsourced CFO you receive:
  • A business who has commercial experience in the realm of running and growing businesses
  • A complete solution giving your financial solutions a new lease on life
  • No internal costs if you were to hire staff to handle these processes
  • Time to work on your business, knowing your business backend is running smoothly

Ask Yourself

Is my businesses profitable or is it experiencing cashflow issues?
Is the business finding it difficult meeting budgets?
Are staff performing to their best abilities, or can we improve quality and effectiveness?
Is my business achieving the results wanted when first starting the business, or meeting forecasts created?
Did you answer YES to any of these questions? Did you sit there and have to think about your answers? If you want to confidently say NO to all these answers then contact Bottrell Consulting and we can help you with these questions plus a lot more

What we do for you

Working with you as your CFO and business advisor we provide, but are not limited to the following
  • Implementing and running payroll systems for your employees
  • Restructuring your business and assets
  • Creating reports and forecasts for your cashflow. Know what is going in and out so you can plan your next business strategy appropriately
  • Help with your tax returns
  • Helping you establish any business venture you may have
  • A contact for auditors, we can deal with the hard work
  • Assistance with new acquisitions which lead to business growth
  • We are GST compliant
  • Weekly/Monthly/Yearly reports on many different aspects of your business including balance sheets, cashflow, profit and loss and management reports

Our Business Services

Business Strategy

Rather than just operating your business, we come up with a plan of attack over the short and long term and find a way for your business to grow

Business Entrepreneurship

We have worked with many businesses and successfully run our own. Entrepreneurship is a hard task, but with a experienced team behind you we take some of the burden away

Business Mentoring

We aren’t here to tell you what to do with your busness. But we are here to advise and show you how you could do things better

Business Coaching

Coaches get their team ready for a game. We want to get you prepared to provide a service that will run over the competition
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